Hiya, Dorsha here! 
I’m a Creative Director and Graphic Designer based in London (UK) creating visuals you believe in. I love creating and working on projects that evoke inspiring emotions as visuals should be experiential too.

Throughout the years I have worn many hats such as an Events Manager, Content Creator/Streamer, PR Consultant and a Graphic Designer which has allowed me to build up a variety of experiences and perspectives across multiple industries such as Gaming, Tech, and Entertainment.
Across design and content creation, I have worked with the likes of EE, Ubisoft, BAFTA Games, Xbox, Black Girl Gamers, NNESAGA, and Elgato to name a few. I have been featured in The Guardian, mentioned by Beats By Dre UK, seen in Refinery29* with my work also featured in an article on The Express.

Overall my aim is to inspire others to "add a little pizzazz" (or razzle-dazzle) whilst leaving their mark, whether it be through design, strategy, or content creation.

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